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Lionel Messi vs. Neymar and Friends | 3/7/13 | HD

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25 Responses to “Lionel Messi vs. Neymar and Friends | 3/7/13 | HD”

  1. murokino08 says:


  2. Jahidur Rahman says:


  3. ABD ALAH AL-NASER says:

    abidal <3

  4. tare003 says:

    It’s the same. HD=High Definition and HQ=High Quality

  5. MrTimQProduction says:

    Messi Vs Neymar ● Who Is The Barcelona King? ||HD||

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  6. nhenzelis says:

    thats perfect. my mom got shocked when she received the ipad3 from this website on behalf of me. be mature and do this, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. rush it here >>>

  7. TheChiboub says:


  8. jaooconcue19 says:

    Is HQ no HD

  9. jaooconcue19 says:

    Israel HQ

  10. Gio Camara says:

    or his “Fly Away” Track

  11. Gio Camara says:

    Here’s one of my favorite songs of his!


    His Macklemore can’t hold us cover is really great too!

  12. Gio Camara says:

    Check out BreadNwater on youtube. He’s a rapper aha! If you like him give him a shoutout and put him on a video. You can make his dream come true and get his music heard. He’s great!

  13. Dj vic says:

    Neymar is Good

  14. Phamished says:

    messi is a tryhard

  15. Fabian Arone says:


  16. fahody935 says:

    excuse me ..
    i want the name all players please .. :) 

  17. SuperGamingful says:

    Please watch my reupload video of messi vs neymar that was previously 800,000
    i’d appreciate it if u did :)

  18. SURYA IRAWAN says:


  19. Yoush Mansh says:

    Let’s all flag that ungrateful comment as spam, it’s simply unacceptable, and ruins everybody else’s mood.

  20. ✦ CastilloYgredaPerﺐ ✦JEDI KNIGHT✦ says:

    dub step

  21. Dev H says:

    @mam somal, by carrying real to almost every competition duhhhh

  22. PsytronicMusic says:

    The best Dubstep Bro. 

  23. mam somal says:

    You said that CR7 has proved himself to be better than Messi. I’d like to see how you could justify that?

  24. Digitaliziation says:

    Still a better goalkeeper than Valdes…

  25. Niall Cahill says:


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