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Lionel Messi | Goals, Skills & Passes – 2012-13 (Part 4) | HD

25 Responses to “Lionel Messi | Goals, Skills & Passes – 2012-13 (Part 4) | HD”

  1. nasther1111 says:

    de donde eres?

  2. Alex Barça says:

    HA+LM=Grande Video!!

  3. Benjigol10 says:

    best player ever, best video editor ever, best video!

  4. yash shah says:

    can u extend this messi video and make a video like ultimate goals skills and passes

  5. byMakeCP says:

    Sick, I made my First video today.
    I’ll highly appreciate people who have 1 minute, to check my channel out.
    I really need feedback.
    #Sincerely Lucas

  6. suprimeshot says:

    do a ibrahimovic goal video ;)

  7. FreestyleReal says:

    Amazing video! + Nicee editor !
    Thumbs up for HA7CompsHD :)

  8. HA7CompsHD says:

    just in 13-14 :)

  9. kingrobinho77 says:

    No isco video?

  10. PeTCiplo77 says:

    Great work bro ! :D

  11. Freddy Josue Mendez Romero says:

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic video plz :)

  12. Crazyowl86 says:

    Got his New Jersey 4 barca

  13. Crazyowl86 says:

    Got his

  14. Crazyowl86 says:

    Got his New Jersey 4

  15. Ernesto Gonzalez says:

    Your amazing and making these skills goals and passes! Looking forward to see some new video’s from the Pre Season Ronaldo Highlights! :D

  16. Emiel Omar says:

    Can you make a video for Alexis Sanchez ? :)

  17. Adebisi Fifa says:

    Great video! Check my compilations of Messi, Neymar, Zlatan and Balotelli too :)

  18. Smbia01 says:

    back to normal :)

  19. Leonardo Flores says:

    already has many videos of messi

  20. Smbia01 says:

    every one of your videos i try to watch are age restricted :/

  21. leonardohdzespino says:

    Como se llama esa cancion

  22. Benjigol10 says:

    english please…

  23. sandwichmitmayo98 says:

    Henrikh Mkhitaryan please !!!

  24. roversfc004 says:

    because it’s messi raping players :D 

  25. Edward Stark says:

    Why this video age restriction

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